Hello my name is Sierra.  I am fifteen years old. With the help of my mother Melissa, I am the owner of Sierra's Little Sweeties Cattery.  I have always loved cats over dogs, and even if I am only eleven I have always been surrounded by my feline family, friends and companions.
With the help of my two younger sisters Alivia and Miranda all my kittens are keep well socialized.  All my kittens are quite familiar with having tea parties, playing doctor and patient, being dressed up, being pushed around in a stroller, and playing at being the baby dolls.  Each and every kitten is raised in our home and given individual attention and love which helps build their own special personalities.
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AND PERSIAN KITTENS ON Sale $250.00- $350.00

Our goal in our breeding program is to produce beautiful, healthy, and extremely friendly Himalayans. To introduce them into new homes where they will be well loved, and provide joy and companionship throughout their lives. All our kittens are held and played with daily. They are raised in our home, underfoot, and around children.
Please be aware of my selection process. I  reserve the right not to place a kitten in any home that does not meet my goals, as I am very concerned about the well-being of each and every kitten I place. If you feel you qualify, and are interested in having a kitten placed in your home, please contact us.
If you are interested in a kitten please call: